The Semi​-​Hollow

by Les Robot

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brian burn This is awesome stuff,,
People don't put the time in anymore to make something extraordinary and unique,This is guitar plAying and recording at its finest ,
And He's Canadian
Please support my friend and buy a cd
Thx Favorite track: Imp.
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(Mike O'Cull - Independent Music Journalist)

"It's refreshing to discover a player as able as Les Robot who is so willing to eschew the usual trappings of rock guitar in favor of a much more daring, experimental, and artistic approach. He possesses the high-wire creative guts of a Jeff Beck or a Frank Zappa and the equivalent skill set to turn it all into something individualistic and listenable. Anyone who cares at all about the evolution of rock guitar needs to have Les Robot on the ol’ radar screen. You won't be sorry."

REVIEW (by Dave Franklin)

I know I’m always searching for music that is pushing new boundaries, testing the limits, fusing disparate threads into new forms and making truly creative inroads towards new sonic pastures. Occasionally you find it in the fleeting corners of more conventional songs or as fillers on albums between more commercially viable options. And then you stumble across people such as Les Robot who just go for it with reckless abandon.

It takes a few plays; I’ll give you that. Firstly you get that WTF moment, the thought that this is madness, a suicide note to an unbalanced musician’s career. Then you try to work it out, piece together what is actually going on here, tease apart textures and layers to properly understand it. A post-mortem if you will. Then you start to appreciate it. Then you like it, but you are not sure why. Then you love it. Then you realise that this is a work of genius ….and often madness, but it’s pretty much the same thing, right?

I can’t give you labels, but then the best music sits beyond such pigeonholing anyway. Lets start with rock, it’s definitely rock, sometimes runaway, joyous, indulgent guitar rock, technically slick and easy to pin down. But more than often it goes way beyond that, it wanders around proggy soundscaping and structures, it blasts through industrial wastelands treading on broken glass and twisted metal, it offers classical interludes and dystopian soundscapes. Sometimes it does all of that within just one song!

I guess the art is not to be pinned down, to subvert expectation and if you thought that you pretty much knew what instrumental rock sounds like, by the time you have navigated the 5 twisting and mercurial tracks offered up here, the rule book will be a smouldering pile of ash, your pre-conceptions will be cowering in the corner and your mind will be truly broadened.

Headache Machine is an industrial slab of jagged edges and warped architecture whilst Oz takes more familiar routes though does so at breakneck speed. Bumble B Boogie often sounds like machines writing a progressive rock album, making musical choices that conform to some sort of cool, internal logic and Imp at times, sounds like nothing less than the end of the world. But it is the title-track and finale that sums up best how diverse and off the wall Les Robot’s thinking is, as deft and delicate acoustic beauty are slowly subsumed by alien sounds and dystopian drama.

I like music that I can’t just hang a sound bite or label on, can’t kick into a well defined generic drawer, music that I didn’t see coming. Well, I didn’t see this coming. I feel like I have been run over by demon-possessed truck, experimented on by extra-terrestrials, have stood on the edge of the end of the universe itself, been attacked by cyborgs and had a music shop collapse on me. What a way to spend a morning. And the weird part is…I can’t wait to do it all again.


released December 20, 2016

Produced / Recorded and Engineered by Les Robot at Death Chicken Studios (except as indicated)
Mixed by Cam MacLeod at The Wolfs Den
Mastered by Joshua Connolly at The Hideout LV
Ron Thaler - Drums (except track 4) / Tracked at Electric City Sound
Brian Burn - Organ

All songs written by Les Robot
℗ & © Les Robot 2016 / All Songs SOCAN



all rights reserved


Les Robot Victoria, British Columbia

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